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The largest importer of raw materials for hydroponic Growbag media and producer of plant Growbag media



In leading countries in the field of agriculture, such as the Netherlands, Germany and the United States, usually the cultivation of each plant is specially designed according to the needs of that plant.

For example, to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, blueberries or bell peppers, different substrates are needed in which the plant can grow with greater efficiency and productivity.
Hexa GrowBag Company is the first and only Iranian company that has started to import the necessary raw materials for growbag media from all over the world. On the other hand, by transferring technology and agricultural knowledge from the most advanced countries in the world, it has been able to provide a ship bed suitable for each type of plant.

These substrates contain different percentages of peat moss, coco peat, perlite and other additives.

پیت ماس
Import of Peat Moss From Latvia, Finland and Germany


70L and 6000L

and size Fractions:

0-10   0-20   0-40   20-40 mm

Tomato Growbag

These pawns have different types and are selected depending on the type of plant and the conditions of your greenhouse. Each group bag will provide the best environment for growing your plant and the plant in every way.