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About Us

About us

Plant Cultivation Bed Company (under the brand name of Hexa Growbag) started its activities in 2013. This group is the only official representative of the German company ROOTONEX in Iran. The main field of activity of the company is the import of first-class peat moss from Germany, Lithuania, Finland and the import of cocopeat from Sri Lanka and India, as well as the production of culture media under the name of Gargbag. More information about us can be found on the Instagram page, also the products of this company are available in the products section of the website.

Given that Iran is one of the water-scarce countries in the Asian region and also free of peat moss mines, so having a quality supplier of peat moss and a reliable importer can differentiate Iranian farmers from continuous irrigation and seed growth. And multiply plants. On the other hand, using natural soil for hydroponic cultivation and seedling production is not logical because it contains a lot of diseases and microbes and can endanger the lives of plants.

Hexa Company has been formed in the field of sustainable import and supplier of this part of the needs of the Iranian agricultural community and intends to continue its way by using bags of special pawn bags for each plant. These plowshares are provided under the protocols of the European Agricultural System and the plant will have the highest growth and yield in them and hexa guarantees it.

European experts, through numerous experiments and tests, found out what percentage of different substances should be mixed for each plant and what minerals should be added to its soil in order to achieve the final product in its best condition.

By knowing most of the peat moss and coco peat mines in the world, Hexa has been able to meet this part of the needs of the Iranian agricultural community. You can comment on us under the articles section or in the contact section.

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Hexa Grubg is a company that produces unique culture media for each plant. By directly importing raw materials, the company has been able to produce grubs with higher efficiency and competitive prices with foreign products. Therefore, the costs of farmers and greenhouse owners have decreased and also with the export of this product to neighboring countries, it has caused the entry of currency into the country and economic progress.

These culture media are several models, each of which is different from each other. Examples of these substrates include tomato substrate, eggplant substrate, bell pepper and sword pepper substrate, rose and cucumber grubs.

In these substrates, materials such as peat moss, perlite, and coco peat and other materials are used, which are mixed with different percentages of each. Each of these substrates has been tested by a phytosanitary engineer in a greenhouse environment and its yield percentage has been accurately measured. We are always trying to market Grubgs more efficiently. Therefore, we are waiting for your suggestions, comments, and criticisms, Hexa contributors.

You can also read the contact information on the contact us page.